In design, as in life, it’s easy to overcomplicate things but way more difficult to keep it simple.

Growing up on a Kibbutz, without the many distractions of modern life, and more interestingly, in a world without brands, forced me to rely on my own imagination and creativity to keep me entertained. It helped me focus on the small details that make up life’s lIttle pleasures. It also taught me that patience is a prerequisite to do things just right.

20 years later, and with numerous visual identities for some of the country’s most recognizable lifestyle brands under my belt, I look back at my upbringing in gratitude for providing me with the solid foundations for doing what I love most — and more importantly, for identifying business partners who share that common approach to creativity and building brands designed to stand the test of time.



Good design, especially in the worlds of lifestyle, is meant to create anticipation. To elicit a distinct experience straight from the shelf to all senses.

To taste the wine before you even uncork the bottle; much before it even hits your palate; To savour the chocolate before you unbox and unwrap; much before it melts in your mouth; And so on and so forth.

Unlike great products, good design is not an acquired taste. It hits you instantaneously.



I work with a select network of highly experienced and talented creative professionals on a per project basis. From photographers to strategists to copywriters, stylists and videographers, whoever I bring shares the same values, passion and meticulous approach. 


Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Brand Strategy, Creative Direction and Web Design.


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