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The dramatic backdrop of the southern Judean Hills, between the mountains and the desert, was the project’s starting point for the Drimia Winery visual identity. With a mineral-based color palette, the historic weight and natural richness of the region, we had everything we needed to tell a compelling visual story while conveying an understated elegance befitting a premium wine.

Ultimately, the iconic outline of the D is the brand’s visual pillar, both drawing from the winery’s name, the latin name of a local geophyte, symbolic of the eternal nature of the Israeli essence, and also suggestive of the flower’s bulbous shape.

Project credits:

Art Direction: Dov Kroll

Brand Identity: Dov Kroll in collaboration with Dekel Maimon

Brand Naming & Strategy: Sharon Gesthalter

Photography: Yasmin & Arye Photographers – Studio Ya