hotel branding and design


Creative Direction   Visual Identity

Hiba is the brainchild of chef Yossi Shitrit; a unique fine dining restaurant located in Tel Aviv that walks the fine line between meticulous modernism and the raw sensations of Israeli farming. For the restaurant’s visual identity, I teamed up with designer Oded Ben Yehuda and typography specialists, Studio RAG to create a custom typeface that served as the visual anchor of the brand.

The key to the visual identity lies in creating a constant tension between the opposing forces of tradition vs contemporary; sleek vs raw; a microcosm of Israeli culinary culture as it seeks to define itself within the bigger picture of Mediterranean and the Middle East.


Project credits:

Brand Identity: Dov Kroll, Oded Ben Yehuda

Typeface Design: Rag Studio – Alon Knachuck & Rami Rashti

Brand Strategy: Oded Ben Yehuda

Interior Design: Pitsou Kedem

Food Photography: Dan Perez

Architecture Photography: Amit Geron