wine branding and package design


Art Direction   Packaging Design   Visual Identity

Pelter is beyond just another project for me. It’s been a 20 year, on-going journey with the Pelter family that started with a modest winery operating from their parents’ home in Tzofit and continuing as the brand consistently grows, being featured at Michelin-starred restaurants across the world, playing a central role in Israel’s new wave of fresh wines.

The iconic butterfly illustration that is elegantly engraved on all of the wine’s labels is instantaneously recognized by wine lovers across the world, representing a delicate tension and freshness that balances between the old world traditions of wine making and the bold new world of experimentation.

The visual identity is further supported by a classic Copperplate font type of the brand’s namesake and a minimalist aesthetic that reflects the founder’s vision for sophisticated simplicity.

Project credits:

Brand Identity: Dov Kroll

Photography: Yasmin & Arye Photographers – Studio Ya